Plyometric Workout Routine

Need a plyometric workout routine with the best jumping workouts and plyometric exercises? Here at the #1 Plyometric Workout site we have all the information you need to create your own personal training with the best exercises to jump higher that will work fast for you to learn how to jump higher now.

First off, you obviously need stronger legs in order to jump higher. How do you get stronger legs? By working out doing the normal type of stuff that you did in high school if you played football. For those of you that have never played a sport or had a coach that didn’t know how to train their athletes properly (99% of them) then you are at the right place.

The best exercise is the simple squat. You need to make sure that you have proper form when doing squats, it’s very easy you just make sure to stick your butt out like you are sitting in a chair and you don’t want the knees going in front over your toes. Will squatting make you jump higher? Yes is will but it is not the only jumping exercise that will do so and it will not be greatly beneficial without combining it with some other workouts. Now obviously squats do not workout your calves at all so you need to work them with some calf raises. Squats are typically done slowly with great control on the way down and the way up but you should speed them up a bit since you want to have speed as well as strength to get power.

If you go to the gym on Monday and do squats and calf raises you should not go back and do them again on Tuesday. If you are not sore on Tuesday you did not push yourself hard enough by using enough weight. You NEVER want to train when you are sore so make sure you give yourself time to heal before working out again.

So you build up a bit of strength in the legs but will strength alone get you the vertical leap you are looking for? No! You have to incorporate plyometrics! A plyometric workout is very different than a strength building workout and you need both to get the best results possible. Plyos are done with only your body weight and they known simply as jumping exercises most of the time. They are done using plyometric boxes or other platforms. The key with plyometrics is the amount of time you spend in contact with the ground in between reps. You should do them as if the ground is on fire and you want to just bounce off of it as fast as you can. These are not done on the same days as your strength building workouts. For a video explaining a little more on plyometrics Click Here.

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